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In-Company Language Courses for Busy Professionals

Wolfestone is a UK-wide supplier of language programmes, with over 30 years’ experience providing language training within multinational companies.

The language advantage, the Wolfestone way

Are you a HR manager looking for a tangible, cost-effective and exciting way to invest in your staff’s development? Or perhaps you’re a professional looking to enhance your international career prospects?

At Wolfestone, we understand that, in order to compete in an increasingly global marketplace, you need an edge. In today’s business landscape, it has never been more important to be equipped with the linguistic and cultural tools you need to succeed. We call it the language advantage.

Why In-Company Language Clubs?

Our experience has taught us that two of the major difficulties of language learning are finding the time to study and staying motivated. What’s more, with more people working from home than ever, we have realised how important it is to stay connected.

Our In-Company Language clubs offer:

  • Virtual or physical small group courses, which can be integrated into busy working patterns, with highly flexible scheduling options. These foster a strong team spirit, provide greater enjoyment and encourage employees to become accountable for each other’s learning.
  • Our private language training, offering individuals a bespoke, one-to-one learning experience. This can be highly tailored to offer anything from day to day conversational skills to a more business orientated focus. We can also offer a more immersive experience, with leading edge language apps to enhance the learning journey.


We are confident we can accommodate any language requirements.

What our clients say


of students believe that being able to participate in our language courses demonstrates that their employer is taking an active interest in their development.

We carried out a survey of our clients – spanning some of the world’s major investment banks. Here's one of our findings.

What to expect

At Wolfestone, our training focuses on cross-cultural communication and real-world situations as much as it does on the four core pillars of language (speaking, reading, listening, writing). As part of The Wolfestone Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing LSPs and a full-service provider of language solutions, you can trust us to deliver a professional service that’ll achieve real results.

Our qualified, experienced language teachers are specialised in providing tailored language training to business professionals. Their experience spans rich and diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Anna Bastek BW 21

The Wolfestone Advantage

Our courses require minimal time and financial commitment. Many language training providers mandate students to sign up for a 12 month course (with associated costs), whereas Wolfestone offers short 10 week courses, costing as little as £10.60 per session, representing a low time and cost overhead for our students.

This can be paid for by the employer as part of investing in employees’ personal and professional development, or learners may choose to invest in the training themselves via a salary sacrifice.


Strengthen your global skill set with superior language training.