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Corporate Legal Sector Translation

Wolfestone is the perfect partner for companies in the Corporate Legal sector to guarantee accurate and professional translation.

Why work with Wolfestone?

Wolfestone is the trusted expert for companies in the corporate legal sector

We deliver high-quality translation with robust quality assurance and round-the-clock client care.

What corporate legal translation services does Wolfestone offer?

Here at Wolfestone, we have specific expertise and experience working within the Corporate Legal sector to deliver swift, accurate and professional translation. Our bespoke legal translation services are designed to ensure that your documents are translated with total accuracy and security, no matter what area of corporate law you specialise in.

Why use professional translation services for corporate law?

We understand that corporate law is inherently multinational. When you work with businesses and stakeholders from around the globe, clear communication becomes ever-more critical. Wolfestone’s professional translation services can ensure that you avoid costly misinterpretations and cross-cultural errors in translation, all the while guaranteeing swift turnaround with the highest levels of data protection.


Get a quote for your corporate law translation within 60 minutes.

What legal translation services does Wolfestone offer?

At Wolfestone, our team recognises and meets the distinct needs of each corporate law specialism whilst delivering the precise translation and localisation that our clients need. Our rigorous approach is the reason that Wolfestone is the partner of choice for law firms and in-house counsel seeking a professional legal translation service.

Our highly-qualified Project Managers and linguists have experience working with a range of professional legal translation document types. What’s more, our team is supported by the very best linguistic technology, which ensures our customers receive a high-quality service at a price that suits their budget.

Examples of Documents We Regularly Translate

  • Commercial contracts
  • Patents
  • Certified translation
  • Summary translation
  • Acquisition and Mergers
  • Joint ventures
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Financial reports

Our linguists

Our translation agency boasts the highest industry standards of translation and interpreting services, thanks to our team of Legal-specific linguists.

This allows us to translate with tremendous accuracy and localise for our corporate legal sector clients – no matter what legal collateral they need – in a timely and effective manner. The expertise of our team allows for the highest standard of translation and localisation with a quick turnaround.

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