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Brighten Up Your Summer: Win a Picnic Party For Your Office!

We are fed up of the British summer not making its mind up, but the sun is on its way. To celebrate, you can win your office a picnic party!
Rainy day or summer picnic, which do you prefer? The British weather is a bit too changeable for our liking, but we're sure more sun is on its way! When the sun was out last month, we treated our project managers to a picnic on the beach as a thank you and congratulations on some of the fantastic work they have done recently. It boosted moral significantly and was a team-building exercise in itself. That's why we're offering our clients the chance to win a picnic party package for their team. We want to spread the joy to your department. We have even had a look at the 30-day weather forecast for you to give you some potential dates. Obviously these are prone to change - especially in Britain, it can change within 30 seconds, never mind 30 days. The best days that we can see would be the third week of August which is when you should receive your prize, how perfect! It is really simple to enter. All you have to do is submit a quote with the code "RDP715" by Monday the 10th of August 2015. If you're not sure what we do, take a look at our services. We offer translation, localisation, voiceovers and subtitling to name a few. What's the prize? What exactly is a picnic party package you ask? It includes the following:
  • Fancy vintage DAB radio for the office and day out.
  • Hamper set - the whole shabang for when the sun finally pokes out.
  • Umbrella to cover you from all the sun heading our way... hopefully.
  • It's not a picnic without a blanket laid, so we'll pack one for you.
Our gift to you! So what are you waiting for? Win a picnic for yourself and your office! Free radio, picnic set and food hamper ready for a fantastic day. Submit a quote today. If you don't feel like today, be aware of the deadline which is the 10th of August 2015. Here are some classic Ts&Cs: To qualify for this competition, you must be over 18 and the project must be a business one. We will announce the winner within two weeks.

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