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Wolfestone hold Lord Sugar-style apprentice challenge in Tenovus shop

On National volunteer week Wolfestone's staff will be taking over the Tenovus Cancer Care stores in Neath, South Wales, in a Lord Sugar-style apprentice challenge.
Wolfestone has entered its 10th year in business and celebrates its success with a series of 10 events to raise £10,000 for their chosen charity, Tenovus Cancer Care. On National volunteer week their staff will be taking over the Tenovus Cancer Care stores in Neath, South Wales. Collage of Wolfestone's 10 year history What may seem like a mammoth task for most companies, Wolfestone saw as an amazing opportunity to give back. Wolfestone threw themselves right into the deep end, signing up to the London marathon and the IronMan Triathlon! For the less energetic in the team, held a Merry Berry style Bake-off, a Pancake day and the next task, one to scare even the bravest members of the team, a Lord Sugar, Apprentice-style task. Joining their sister company to fundraise, VoiceBox's team join together to be divided into 7 new teams to battle it out for one winner! The teams are split with those from all walks of life, from 7 countries around the World with expertise in marketing, project and vendor management, sales, finance and the company CEO’s too! With the competition heating up and the Latin team names flying around the office, the 7 teams will fight to raise the most money from their day at the Tenovus store. The two-week task (from 1st of June to 14th of June), which falls in line with national volunteering fortnight, will end with an infamous Lord Sugar style boardroom firing, with our very own version of Lord Alan Sugar, our Co-Founder, Roy Allkin. Emma Hughes, HR Manager at Wolfestone, said: “We are excited to be celebrating our 10th year in business in September. In honour of us reaching our double digits, we knew we wanted to partner with a charity to raise money for a good cause. What better way to celebrate than to give instead of receive?” With the one liners poised “My first word was money, not mummy” and "I am my own mentor. I ring myself up at 3am and shout motivational abuse at myself" the staff at sister companies, Wolfestone & VoiceBox, are taking this task incredibly seriously.

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