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Business Translation Services

Wolfestone Group offers professional business translation services to fit a range of needs – from B2B communications to employment contracts.

Our Corporate Translation Services

In our increasingly globalised and digitalised world, every company has the potential to expand its business in foreign markets.

When doing this, it is important that customers, leads, and potential partners in other countries have access to your business in their native language. In order to ensure maximum impact abroad and return on investment, accurate and culturally relevant translation of business communications is essential.

The business translation company you choose should fully understand your company and its needs and be able to convey the meaning behind your words and phrases, not just translate the words themselves.

From Wolfestone’s professional business translation services, you can expect the highest quality, timely service, and a localised translation, whereby the impact of the original message is maintained. We are one of five of the fastest-growing translation companies in the United Kingdom and we have a 99.15% customer satisfaction rate.

Wolfestone Group supported us with global expansion and market penetration. With Wolfestone, response rates and penetration levels have accelerated. This has helped to win new business in new regions.

Isabella Muma, Marketing Content and Localisation Specialist EMEA

Services Available:

As a well-established business translation company, the team at Wolfestone is more than equipped to help you successfully enter or adapt to new opportunities and marketplaces.

We are able to translate:

  • Marketing messages
  • Correspondence with clients
  • Contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Manuals
  • Health and safety documentation
  • Website translation
  • Multilingual SEO

And much more.

We offer 6 different service levels to ensure you get exactly what you need from your translation. When you work with Wolfestone, we will collaboratively establish which service level is best for you.

As part of our services, we can also help take the stress out of your multilingual meetings, appointments, and conferences. We can provide you with a corporate interpreting partner who can support you in foreign meetings, allowing you to make business relations with foreign markets easily.

How to get a Business Translation

Contact us today through our simple online form and you’ll get a free quote in 60 minutes. A member of our skilled team will review the details you provide and the quote will consider your required languages, document type, desired turnaround time, and audience.

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager, and they will then select the most suitable translation team for your needs using our bespoke translation management software. No matter how small or big the project, we devise a plan of action to work on your translation with full transparency.


Get in touch for a fast and free quote within 60 minutes.

Why Choose Wolfestone?

  1. We use the best people and top-notch technology.

All of our translations are human-led. We employ experienced, native-speaking corporate translators who operate to the highest industry standards of translation and interpreting services. To guarantee excellence, our translators also use our bespoke quality translation technology.

This combination, of the best translators and technology, means Wolfestone can seamlessly deliver excellent translation services time and again.

2. We deliver high-quality translations quickly and affordably

At Wolfestone, we’ve also developed a UK-exclusive telephone interpreting service that makes language interpreting quick, easy, and affordable. With over 210 languages available on-demand, you can connect via phone or video with a fully qualified, experienced interpreter whenever and wherever you need it.

99% of calls are connected in under a minute. There are no setup fees and no contracts. We provide some of the most competitive interpreting rates for your business translation.

3. We use native speakers to guarantee accuracy

Not only do we deliver results quickly, we always make sure that translations are accurate. Using native speakers who operate to the highest industry standards of translation and interpreting services, we guarantee excellence every time.

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Our Experience as a Corporate Translation Company




Customer Satisfaction Rate


Years of Expertise

Wolfestone guarantees you professional, precise and accurate translations in over 220 languages, even language pairs that are more difficult to place.

Each of our medical translation linguists is vetted through our multiple-step selection process. We only use specialists with a minimum of five years of industry experience and relevant higher-learning qualifications. Our quality assurance process contains tests, ratings and quality spot-checks.

We also guarantee the highest possible level of security for your documents. Every project we undertake at Wolfestone is human delivered but is supported by our very best linguistic technology

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For accurate, localised and high quality business translation services, trust Wolfestone to meet high quality standards. Contact us today and one of our experienced team would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for an impeccable business translation.


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