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Senior BDM for Wolfestone Wins ATC Award

Elliot Nedas, Senior Business Development Manager for Wolfestone, swoops up Salesperson of the Year award at ATC Language Industry Summit 2017.

Senior BDM for Wolfestone Wins ATC Award

September 27, 2017 Wolfestone can proudly announce that Elliot Nedas, Senior Business Development Manager, has been awarded the Salesperson of the Year award at this year’s ATC Language Industry Summit in London. The ATC Language Industry Summit is an annual gathering of the leading minds and most experienced heads in the translation industry. It’s an opportunity for everyone working in translation to get together and share the latest news, opinions and developments for everything translation. Every year, the Language Industry Summit plays host to an awards ceremony, aimed at recognising and celebrating performance excellence in the translation industry over the past year. The winning categories are diverse, including awards such as Project Manager of the Year and Freelancer of the Year, to name but a few. Image of Elliot Nedas with ATC Sales Person of the Year award. Also includes a close-up of trophy. Reflecting upon winning the Salesperson of the Year award, Mr. Nedas said: “I am absolutely delighted to have won this award both for me and for Wolfestone. It is an absolute priority of Wolfestone to build trusting working relationships with all its clients, and to create the best customer experience possible. This award reaffirms that we’re really doing a good job of that.” During his tenure with Wolfestone, Mr. Nedas has been a fantastic example of Wolfestone’s dedication to great customer service. He recognises potential difficulties during the onboarding process and is quick to develop processes to ensure Wolfestone’s clients projects run smoothly and hassle-free. This has translated into Mr. Nedas achieving more than double his sales targets for 2016/17 and onboarding over 50 new, valued clients with Wolfestone.

Foundation for Continued Success

[su_spacer size="10"] This isn’t the first time, though, that Wolfestone has achieved success at the ATC Awards. Wolfestone has now won the Salesperson of the Year award for two consecutive years and has been shortlisted for Project Manager of the Year awards in consecutive years. Since its inception, Wolfestone has worked tirelessly to create an ethos centred around delivering the best-quality customer service possible, and this tremendous awards success at the ATC and others shows that the company’s customer service strategy is progressing in the right direction. Alex Parr, Managing Director of Wolfestone, said: “Everyone at Wolfestone is delighted for Elliot achieving this award. He has worked phenomenally well over the past year and has been a key figure in helping Wolfestone achieve its revenue growth target. We look forward to seeing Elliot build on his incredible achievements and will be instrumental in helping Wolfestone progress further in the coming years.” Wolfestone would like to offer its congratulations to Elliot Nedas on his award success, and to all other award winners at this year’s ATC Language Industry Summit. If you are interested in joining the Wolfestone team, click here to see the opportunities we have available.

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