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Specialist Translation Services

Pairing your organisation with a specialist language expert, for business-critical translations that will inform opinions and drive decisions.

What is our Specialist Translation Service?

Our most popular service level, this translation product is specifically designed for business-critical documentation, communication, and company literature that will inform and drive decisions.

Examples include publishable materials, technically advanced documents and manuals, and learning materials for public use.

In contrast to perhaps simpler translations, this service level deals with projects that are often quite challenging and technical, such as texts rich with industry-related jargon and terminology.

To ensure the translation is as accurate as possible, the chosen linguist will need to be a native-tongue speaker of the desired language, as well as an expert in the subject matter.

For example, if English to German translation is needed for a manufacturing document, then the chosen language expert will both be a mother-tongue speaker, and knowledgeable in this specific field.

Our specialist translation includes extra quality assurance cycles to guarantee superior quality, in addition to three client review cycles and a mother-tongue editor.

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Ideal document types

Publishable material (printed or digital), technical documentation, learning materials for public use.

Best for

Technically-complex or higher-stakes documents.

Not recommended for

High-converting global marketing campaigns or highly complex material.

Examples of documents

Printed brochures, important technical documentation, learning materials for public use, publishable information either printed or in digital format. This service is especially suited to technically-complex translations.


  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue editor/reviewer
  • Terminology research to ensure specificity
  • Accuracy, guaranteed: Advanced QA and integral proofread are included
  • Full Project Management
  • Three client review cycles
  • Wolfestone’s cutting-edge translation technology


2,000 words per day, which can be scaled up if you have a particularly tight deadline.


This service may not always achieve the high-performing, high-converting copy required where style and on-brand messaging is crucial, nor may it be suitable for highly complex subject matters. Consider upgrading to Branded for this. However, you can always send the whole document or sections of it to us for an upgrade.


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We offer:

  • Specialist Translator
  • Edited by a Second Linguist
  • Multi-linguist reconciliation
  • Advanced Quality Assurance
  • Terminology Research
  • 3 Review Cycle
  • Starting from £0.15 per word

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Pairing your organisation with a specialist language expert, for business-critical translations that will inform opinions and drive decisions.


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