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Creative Transcreation

Our creative transcreation service is a holistic, conversion-focused creative translation process that captures the emotion of your target audience.

What is Creative Transcreation?

When expanding into new and exciting international markets, brands and agencies need to consider that standard translation may not have the desired impact. Global, multilingual marketing and multimedia need to take into account the cultural differences and nuances of various demographics and languages.

That’s where our transcreation come into play.

Transcreation in translation, in contrast to standard translation, adapts communications from one language to another, ensuring that the general message has the same impact on the target audience. This may involve changing structure, use of terms, and poetic patterns; however, style, intent, context and tone will be retained.

Using a creative translation agency like Wolfestone is perfect for multimedia, global messaging, or high-impact marketing material. Wolfestone’s experienced and skilled linguists will provide you with a translated text that has the original intent, meaning and emotional impact of your original, source text.

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“Owing to the fact that Wolfestone understands our brand and knows what we want, they are able to pair us with qualified linguists with specific knowledge and expertise in our industry.

Isabella Muma, Marketing Content and Localisation Specialist EMEA

What are the Benefits of Transcreation?

There are many ways transcreation can benefit you and your business, including:

Building a strong brand image in your target market

Marketing is all about creating a strong brand language and convincing your target audience to choose your product or service. If you want your company to break into a new target market, using our services enables you to carry your unique brand image and tone of voice across multiple international markets.

Consideration of other cultures

You’ll be well aware of your own culture’s sensitivities and nuances, but you might not know everything about your target market. Our effective transcreation solutions are brought to you by experienced, native speakers who will intuitively understand your desired market – ensuring you avoid any cultural misunderstandings and any negative perceptions in other countries.

An increase in sales

Companies of all sizes across the globe utilise creative translation to increase brand awareness and acceptance to ultimately get more customers.


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Our Creative Process

Working with Wolfestone guarantees a multi-step process that ensures your translation is accurate and delivers the desired impact:

Step 1

The process for Wolfestone’s expert transcreation services begins with a consultation. Together, we will discuss the project brief, your desired outcomes and your budget. The text is then put through our transcreation process by a native speaking professional with expertise in your specific sector.

Step 2

The translation is then edited by an independent industry specialist, such as a copywriter, marketing executive or engineer – depending on your industry. The text gets sent for review to the translator to confirm the amendments and edits. Working with a creative translation company, such as Wolfestone, guarantees a multi-step process that ensures your translation is accurate and delivers the desired impact.

Step 3

The translation is then sent to an independent proofreader for review before the final linguistic quality assurance check is performed by Wolfestone. The team will sign off the finalised product as fit for purpose, target audience and market. The final product is delivered to you., then all translation memories, team guides, style guides and glossaries are saved for future projects.

Why Wolfestone: Your Creative Transcreation Service Partner

Working alongside some of the top B2B marketing agencies across the world, Wolfestone delivers quality international transcreation projects for companies looking to export overseas or for marketing companies serving international clients.

Whether you're looking for standalone transcreation services or need a partner to support you linguistically with your process, Wolfestone can help.


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Our creative transcreation service is a holistic, conversion-focused creative translation process that captures the emotion of your target audience.