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Transcription Services

Forget time-consuming, stop/start transcribing – our sophisticated audio transcription services deliver excellence and accuracy, every time.

Our Transcription Services

Transcription services involve converting live or recorded speeches into a written format. Our team of skilled and experienced foreign language professionals can work with any file type to produce transcriptions for a wide variety of industries, including law, medicine, research and more in any language.

Due to our commitment to quality, we are trusted as a key audio translation partner by BYG and the BBC.

What audio transcription services do we offer?

Our transcription services are hugely versatile and adapt to fit your needs. Our language professionals are able to transcribe files from multiple formats including CD, DVD, video and audio cassettes, MP3, MP4, AVI, mpeg or wav.

We can also cater for special requirements, such as heavy accents, noisy or corrupted files. Our in-house engineers help to enhance the tape quality to make the source file more understandable.

We only work with the best linguists who have a minimum of 4 years of transcription experience to ensure high occurrence and attention to detail in every project we undertake.

When you work with us, you have the option of three different services:

1) Strict Verbatim

This is where the written transcription document that you receive is presented to exactly match the oral source provided. This document includes speech errors and repetitions.

2) Clean Verbatim

Clean verbatim transcriptions remove all filler words and utterances to maintain the flow of sentences. Unlike Strict Verbatim, repetitions and murmurs such as “hmm” are removed. For example, “I am, hmm, not sure, hmm, if I, ehm, catch the train tonight.” Is edited to: “I am not sure if I catch the train tonight.”

3) Edited Verbatim

This transcription service includes minor edits to grammar and tense being made and removing stutters and false starts.

We will work collaboratively with you to establish which of our transcription services is right for your project’s needs.


Tell us about your transcription requirements for a quote in 60 minutes.

Video or multimedia transcription services

We extend our services to video and multimedia projects, however, in order to receive these files back with the accurate transcription, you’ll also need a time coded transcription.

This is essential when you require a foreign language voiceover recorded for a video, especially for languages such as Russian or Arabic, where the voiceover will be roughly 30% longer in duration than if it were recorded in English. Due to this, the transcription will need to be adjusted during the translation to ensure the timings are correct.

Foreign language transcription services

Our language professionals work in over 220+ languages, so are able to suit your multilingual transcription needs.

As well as offering time coded transcriptions in multiple languages, our team can also recommend our reviewing, transcreation, and translation services, which are essential if your finished document or project is targeted at a foreign audience. Our full service approach has been proven to reduce turnaround times by 30%.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements for foreign transcription and other services.

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Based in the heart of one of the largest tech and production hubs in South Wales, Wolfestone provides voice over, subtitling and transcription services to companies all over the world, as well as all translation and localisation services.

Working in over 220+ languages, we're the partner of choice for every company with global ambitions.