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Wolfestone Translation misses the boat after sailing away with another business award

Wolfestone Translation has just added to its array of trophies with the Swansea Marriott Evening Post Business Award for September.
WolfestoneAwards Anna Roy-webPioneering local company Wolfestone Translation has just added to its array of trophies with the Swansea Marriott Evening Post Business Award for September. Company Directors Roy Allkin and Anna Bastek followed this success up by addressing the prestigious ATC conference in London the following day. Wolfestone was recognised for comprehensively bucking the recessionary trend and expanding whilst other companies are haemorrhaging employees. Senior management attribute this to actually increasing the marketing and advertising budget when other companies are taking scythes to theirs. As a result, turnover has doubled within a year, it is expected to double again in the coming year, and the company will soon be moving to substantially larger headquarters. Further expansion is also in the offing, with an office in Houston about to be opened. The celebrations were to be topped off with a champagne reception and a meal cruising along the Thames on a riverboat. Whilst this would indeed have been the pinnacle of the evening, this is not entirely what happened. Having spent slightly too long celebrating their award in the Swansea Marriott, they left for London a little too late. The situation was still salvageable, however, up to the point when a taxi driver took them to the wrong pier. They arrived at their pier in perfect time to see their boat casually heading off in the direction of London Bridge – a real case of missing the boat just after sailing off with the award. That, however, was not the main purpose of the London visit. This was to make a key note presentation to the ATC. There they talked about their growth and the efficacy or otherwise of certain marketing strategies. The basic premise of the address is that it is impossible to overestimate the power of an effective public relations strategy. Wolfestone itself has demonstrated this. As a result of a small piece in the Evening Post about a new local translation firm, another local company contacted them with a view to translating some documents for a client. The client won the tender, which was worth several million pounds, and Wolfestone received orders for many thousands of pounds of translation. The other focal point of the presentation was the importance of using publicity to improve the credibility of the company. This is intertwined with having a well-planned PR strategy. The presentation was very well received and informative to all who were listening. Yet again, Wolfestone has proved that a well-defined business strategy will always reap its rewards. 2009’s New Business of the Year for the South West Wales area continues to grow both inside and far outside this geographical area and may very well soon be scooping the awards Stateside. In picture:Anna Bastek and Roy Allkin

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