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Wolfestone Attends “Choose Your Future Swansea” Careers Fair

On Thursday 21st of June, Wolfestone team members had the privilege of exhibiting at the Choose Your Future Swansea careers fair, organised by Careers Wales.

Wolfestone Attends “Choose Your Future Swansea” Careers Fair

June 22, 2018 On Thursday 21st of June, Wolfestone team members had the privilege of exhibiting at the Choose Your Future Swansea careers fair, organised by Careers Wales. Choose Your Future Swansea is the largest careers fair of its kind in the city and was attended by some of the region’s best-known and influential employers. Organisations such as the NHS, Network Rail, Tata Steel and HSBC were present, as well as schools from both Swansea and Cardiff University. The event is designed specifically for Year 10 pupils, their parents and teachers from schools all around the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas. The careers fair aims to give them insight, inspiration and a chance to learn more about the career options that they would like to explore at such a critical stage in their lives. Wolfestone Sales Manager and attendee at the event, Craig Alliss, said: “Choose Your Future Swansea has been a fantastic event for us to attend. It’s always great to get out into the community and speak with pupils and parents to get their views on languages and translation. A lot of the pupils we spoke to today were very enthusiastic to hear about Wolfestone and how the translation industry works. It was really great to see just how many pupils from Swansea spoke a second language fluently, also.” The careers fair was a fantastically well-organised event. The enormous sports hall of the LC2 was adorned with pop-up banners, interactive equipment and demonstrations from an incredibly wide range of industries. From soundboards and lighting demonstrations for budding sound engineers, to the latest aids and advancements in healthcare, and even a boxing showcase put on by the next generation of talented sportspeople. There was a wealth of choices and options open to the pupils, no doubt giving them much to deliberate over in the coming months and years. For Wolfestone, attending the event was a great chance to let pupils, parents and teachers know about the many opportunities there are to be had working with languages. While there are many people working in the translation industry who’ve originally studied languages and translation, there are a number of diverse roles available that don’t require a second language. Jobs including sales, account management, marketing, project management and accountancy. Craig Alliss continued: “I think pupils were surprised by the diversity of roles there are in the translation industry. Jobs that you wouldn’t necessarily connect with translation, like content writing, subtitling and voice over recording. I think it may have been a light bulb moment for some pupils, where they could potentially see themselves working for a company like Wolfestone in the future.”

Learning with Wolfestone

Wolfestone has long and proud history of developing people's skills and talents by offering much-valued work experience. As a company based in Swansea's city centre, Wolfestone has been able to nurture strong relationships with local schools and universities and are able to attract very talented prospects to its internship programme. The internship programme is very diverse, offering experiences from 1 week to 6 months and across most departments in the company. It's a chance for Wolfestone's very knowledgeable staff to impart insight about the translation industry and to offer valuable practice and advice towards an intern's craft. Wolfestone takes great pride and understands the responsibility it has in developing the careers of the next generation and is excited to continue this great work into the future. To learn more about Wolfestone's internship programme, click here!

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