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AI Voiceovers

Looking to take your content to the next level? Discover the game changing potential of AI voiceovers.

Unlock the Power of AI Voiceovers 

Our state-of-the-art AI technology transforms text into lifelike, natural-sounding voices, giving your projects a professional edge.

Our AI voiceovers are high quality and natural-sounding, suitable for a variety of materials such as website introductions, product demos, training videos, advertisements, social media campaigns, and more.

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What are AI Voiceovers?

To break it down, AI voiceovers use deep learning to effectively mimic human speech. This innovative technology converts text into speech which can then be used for videos, checkout systems, eLearning courses and much more.

We may not be aware of it, but in fact, we rely on AI voice technology every day. Think Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google.

Many businesses are choosing to opt for this tool as it can achieve quick, efficient and budget friendly results.

We offer both AI Voiceover and professional voiceovers at Wolfestone, and while your content may already be a great visual representation, a quality voiceover can provide another layer to help reach new audiences.

Where AI Voiceovers Work Best

Some cases where AI voiceovers can maximise your business potential include:

  • Social Media – From explainer videos to interactive posts, AI Voiceover can help make your social content stand out and make the editing process much simpler.
  • eLearning – By delivering the same voice across your educational materials, you can provide a seamless and consistent experience for the user.
  • Product Demo Video – If you need an easy-to-follow narrator for large video files, AI voiceover can help revitalise your demo videos using scalable technology, offering easy access to switch to your preferred language.

Some of the main reasons businesses choose AI voiceovers include:

  • Efficiency – AI voiceovers can provide a fast turnaround time if you’re looking to produce a piece of work quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost – This service is budget-friendly. With no costings for voice actors, studio space or recording equipment, you can re-organise your budget to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Flexibility – You can customise not only the chosen language but the tone, accent and style of the voiceover.

Where AI Voiceovers May Not Work

While this technology is growing and businesses are experimenting with using AI voiceovers, this may not always be the best option for your content or translation needs.


If you’re looking for a translated voiceover with an authentic, personalised touch, AI voiceovers may not be for your business.

For adverts, film and most mainstream media, also require a more engaging and emotional tone of voice that isn't always available with AI technology.

Working with the industry’s top voice over artists, we can provide voice actors that can bring your script to life and help to convey the messaging and nuances compared to using AI voice technology.

Visit our Multilingual Voiceovers page.

Audio Description

It’s important to remember that AI voiceovers can’t replace audio description.

These are two separate services, and your company could get into trouble if used interchangeably. It’s always best practise to ensure you comply with recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) when working to make your website, legal documents, videos, social media and any other form of content accessible.

Speak to our team about professional audio descriptive voiceovers.


When localising your content, getting your messaging right is key.

If your translation includes culturally sensitive text or is context-specific, we always recommend choosing voice actors to ensure that this reads correctly in the translated text.

You don’t want your business to come under fire for choosing a synthetic voice that can’t capture the tone, emotion, or appropriate messaging.


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If you’re still thinking of using AI Voiceover but wondering how we fit in, it’s a simple answer. We manage the whole process for you; seamlessly and affordably.

Instead of waiting on unreliable customer service from untrusted sources, our team of dedicated experts will work with you to ensure your needs are met and still keep your costs low. Our services are fully managed and can be post-edited and synced to video.

If you’re working with tighter budgets, looking to secure a fast voiceover, get in touch with us to talk about AI Voiceover services.

Or if you want a personalised human voiceover service from a handpicked expert in the industry, we can help provide a professional, warm, friendly voice to accompany your content.

With either option, our linguists will ensure that your translation is gold-standard level, listening to the voiceover, AI or human, for that final quality check.

With over 220+ language pairs to choose from, we can start your voiceover project on your terms, in your own time.