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Chinese Translation Services

All our Chinese speaking translators and interpreters have at least five years’ experience and have sector specific academic qualifications.

Looking for high quality translation services in Mandarin or Cantonese? As a leading Chinese translation services provider, Wolfestone Group has the experience and knowledge to help.

Our Chinese translation and interpreting services can help you adapt your content to new markets as well as allow you to cater locally for speakers of the world’s most spoken language.

Types of translation

We offer our Chinese translation services for legal documents, websites, financial reports and a lot more.

Why choose Wolfestone Group as your Chinese translation services provider?

Our account managers can advise you on which language to choose when targeting the Chinese market.

It’s this kind of insight that sets us apart from the competition and makes us the trusted partner to many UK based companies. When taking on a Chinese translation project, we don’t just look at the language. We are also able to advise on strategy and latest trends, such as a SEO strategy for China.

For example, recent research suggests that the Chinese consumer is highly receptive to social media influences when making purchasing decisions, but they do not use the same social media channels as other countries. Baidu is the search engine of choice, Weibo for microblogging and WeChat for instant messaging, a WhatsApp style messaging platform with a social aspect. 66% of Chinese consumers have said that they would be happy to recommend a brand that they had a positive experience with via social media, proving that influencer marketing is a widely embraced concept amongst internet users of the Asian giant.

About China and the Chinese languages

China is the second largest state in the world by land area and the world’s most populous country with a population of over one billion and almost 300 living languages. The two widely spread Chinese languages are Mandarin and Cantonese. Mandarin Chinese is China’s primary language, spoken by over 70% of the population. Standard Chinese, which is a form of Mandarin, is the official national language and serves as lingua franca. Official language in Hong Kong and Macau is instead Cantonese, which is also spoken by overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and in the Western World.

The demand for Chinese translations has been rising steadily, as UK and European companies look to capitalise on a growing middle-class in China. The Chinese population has enjoyed record-breaking growth in the last few decades, and the result of that growth is a multi-billion-dollar market that is an attractive trade partner. Online retail in China grew by 26.2% from 2015 to 2016, cementing its place as the top nation for online shopping. China’s retail e-commerce sales share worldwide is set to rise to almost 51% in 2017.

Whether you’re looking to export products and services to China or seeking to import goods, materials or services to the UK, let Wolfestone be your guide to going global.


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