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Wolfestone Attends Swansea Business School’s Project Week

Wolfestone recently attended Swansea Business School's Project Week, providing local students with valuable insight into Wolfestone and the translation industry as a whole.

Wolfestone Attends Swansea Business School’s Project Week

November 8, 2017 On Tuesday 7th November 2017, Wolfestone had the privilege to attend Swansea Business School’s Project Week. Linda Roper speaking at Project Week meeting. Represented by Linda Roper and Geraint Jones from the Marketing department, Wolfestone were invited to speak to MBA/Integrated Masters students of University of Wales Trinity Saint David about all things Wolfestone and translation. A 15-minute presentation on the history, development and current working climate for Wolfestone were shared with students, followed by a Q&A session that covered everything from business growth opportunities to technology and innovation in translation. Swansea Business School’s Project Week runs from 6th to the 10th November. Hosted in the TechHub in Swansea city centre – home primarily to tech entrepreneurs and startups – it is an opportunity for students to work off-campus in an environment that encourages them to interact with a variety of external associates and organisations. Group photo of students and Wolfestone's Linda Roper. Speaking of the event, Linda Roper said, “We’d like to thank Swansea Business School for inviting us to take part in their Project Week. It’s a great opportunity for us to work with students in our local community, to provide advice and guidance for their future but also to promote the opportunities that are available both in Wolfestone and in the translation industry as a whole.” Linda continues, “In recent years, we’ve developed a strong working relationship with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. We offer a diverse internship programme that many UWTSD undergraduates and postgraduates have embarked on – even leading to full-time employment in some cases. So, engaging with students and sharing our knowledge and expertise is an important responsibility for Wolfestone.” Since its inception in 2006, Wolfestone has placed enormous importance on being active in the community, in particular, offering valuable work experience to students and graduates. Wolfestone has developed strong working relationships with universities in the South Wales area as well as Careers Wales, regularly attending events such as mock interviews or careers fairs. If you or someone you know is interested in an internship with Wolfestone, click here to find out more.

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