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Wolfestone Guest Speaker at Swansea College of Arts and Humanities Employability Event

On Tuesday 20th of March, Wolfestone spoke at the Swansea College of Arts and Humanities (COAH) Employability Fair about opportunities in the translation industry and Wolfestone's internship scheme.

On Tuesday 20th of March, Wolfestone attended the Swansea College of Arts and Humanities (COAH) Employability Fair. Wolfestone was invited to speak at the COAH Employability Fair to inform students about opportunities in the translation industry and to explain what it’s like to work for Wolfestone.

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The COAH Employability Fair aims to make career prospects more inviting for Arts and Humanities students. Speakers at the event included The National Assembly of Wales, S4C, Business Language Services, Parthian Books and Swansea Grand Theatre. Students who attended the event were interested in learning more about their career prospects and finding out about work experience opportunities.

The Head of Project Management at Wolfestone, Chloe Driscoll, gave a presentation to students about opportunities in the language industry and the internship scheme we offer. Ms. Driscoll explained how an internship can benefit students and what Wolfestone looks for in potential candidates.

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Wolfestone is a fast-growing company that can offer an intern a great experience both socially and professionally. Wolfestone offers students experience in all aspects of the business, not only translation, but also in marketing, administration and vendor management.

Our internships for students usually lasts 3 months but they can often be a stepping stone to full-time employment. In the last 12 months, we have had 15 interns, all of which have shown huge potential during their placement and over 90% of our previous interns still work with Wolfestone in some capacity.

Our current intern Marielena spoke at the event about her internship at Wolfestone. She shared her thoughts and experiences of working in the translation industry and gave students an insight into what its like to work at Wolfestone. She helped to explain the benefits that students can gain from an internship at Wolfestone and how experience of working in the language industry can help to develop a student’s skills and employability.

We at Wolfestone are delighted to take part in an event that helps to increase the job prospects for students in our local community. Our Vendor Manager, Tony Casteleyn, commented on the event, saying:

It was a great experience. I think students benefited a lot from asking us questions about the language industry. I hope that we have helped them to define their career path. We met a lot of students with a diverse range of language skills including French, Welsh, Spanish, Turkish and Afrikaans. We hope that these students will work with us in the future because their skills are invaluable to us as a business.

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