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AI Live Captions

Unlock real-time accessibility for your global audience with AI live captions.

AI Live Captions: Boosting Engagement, Inclusivity & Global Accessibility

In a fast-paced world of live events, streaming and on-the-go consumption, ensuring inclusivity and audience engagement is more crucial than ever.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and innovative technology, our subtitling tool effortlessly converts spoken words into accurate text in real time.

Whether it's a corporate gathering, webinar, trade show or international conference, you'll experience simultaneous captioning tailored to your very needs.

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How We Can Help

Ai Live Captions

Our AI live captions ensure that your audience remains engaged and informed, making every event more inclusive. Pricing starts at £30 per hour.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team ensures smooth sailing and event execution, guaranteeing every word is captured and relayed without glitches.

AI Translation for Captions

Elevate your event's global appeal with our AI-driven caption translation. Pricing starts at £10 per hour per language.

Thinking of Professional Live Captions?

While AI live captions are efficient and affordable, 'human' live captions are suited for high-end business events, meetings and conferences. Wolfestone values and offers both, ensuring you have the best options for your specific needs.

Experience the precision and finesse of the human touch with our professional live captioning service –complemented by our reliable technical support.

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FAQs about AI Live Captions

Why Wolfestone?


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Customer Satisfaction

Accredited and trusted by the World's Best

Our commitment to quality has won us over 50 business awards. We also hold the independently verified international standards ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013; guaranteeing professionalism, quality management and information security.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team ensures smooth sailing, providing on-the-spot technical support during your event. We're with you every step of your event.

Innovative AI Technology

Using state-of-the-art AI technology, our captions are generated in real-time with precision, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Real-Time Translation

Breaking language barriers, our captions can be translated in real-time, catering to a global audience, so that your audience never misses a word.

Bridging Tradition and Technology

While we embrace the efficiency of AI, we acknowledge the personal touch only humans can provide. For every event, big or small, we deliver a seamless blend of both AI-generated captions and human-generated captions to cater to a spectrum of event needs.

Fast turnaround times

We pride ourselves on being able to quickly understand and help you achieve your business goals. We’ll get your project done on time and to the highest standard all while fitting your budget.