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Dickinson School Consulting

Engaging German-speaking families with strategic website translation.

Dickinson School Consulting, a leading advisor for families seeking placement in British boarding schools, has a longstanding presence in the German market.

Their commitment to supporting and engaging with German-speaking families is evident in their strategic investment in website translation projects.

Since its inception, Dickinson School Consulting has guided families around the world through the complex process of finding the perfect British boarding school for their children. Their website serves as a vital resource, offering insightful blog posts, school profiles and a wealth of helpful information.

After a significant website rebuild, the consultancy recognised the need to translate and localise new online content into German. To ensure the best possible experience for their German audience, Dickinson School Consulting partnered with Wolfestone for ongoing website translation needs.

Wolfestone’s team of experienced linguists, equipped with in-depth knowledge of the educational sector, ensured the translated website content not only conveyed the precise meaning of the English text, but also culturally resonated with a German-speaking audience.

“Having always served the German market, which represents a major part of our customer base, we recognised the need to translate and localise our new content into German.
We started working with Wolfestone in 2016, after a website rebuild increased the amount of digital content that required accurate translation.

We are pleased to recommend their services, both for the consistent quality of the work and for the friendly professionalism of the people. We commission Wolfestone to translate a variety of web copy into German, predominantly blogs but also additions to static content, on a regular basis.

The Project Managers are always quick to respond with their quotations and the translation teams deliver the finished product on time. The translations are reliably good and, if there are any resulting queries, these too are handled in a timely manner.

You can see why we have worked with Wolfestone for so long and will continue to do so.”

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