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Urban Foundry

Supporting urban regeneration with Wolfestone’s marketing translation services.

Urban Foundry is an urban regeneration agency in Wales. Their purpose is to improve people's lives, make better places, and build better businesses with a sense of purpose.

A certified B Corp, they are passionate about helping people bring their ideas to life, specialising in pop-up spaces and creative regeneration projects.

Primarily working in South Wales, Urban Foundry wants to be accessible, ensuring that all large-scale materials produced for their clients communicate with Welsh-speaking communities.

This is where Wolfestone’s marketing translation services come into play.

The challenge: being accessible to a wider audience in Wales

From posters and leaflets to event invites, translating marketing content in particular goes beyond simple and direct translations.

It requires a deep understanding of cultural nuances, the target audience, and the ability to localise marketing messages into Welsh while preserving the original impact and persuasive copy.

Wolfestone's solution: expertise in marketing translation

Our experienced team of linguists – well-versed in terminology and cultural nuances – provided the perfect solution.

We have translated, and continue to translate, a wide range of materials, including:

  • Project details & titles
  • Emails
  • Event invites
  • Flyers & brochures
  • Social media content
  • And more.

Localised materials resonate better with Welsh-speaking communities, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement for their clients.

“Shazia, my account manager at Wolfestone, always goes above and beyond. That’s why I use Wolfestone every time.” - Lucy Beddall, Marketing Associate, Urban Foundry

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British Transport Police were looking for a translation company that could be relied upon to deliver a professional translation service whilst working to tight deadlines. Wolfestone offered a streamlined translation service whilst delivering an expert level of Welsh translation.

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