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Our Translation Technology

Every project we undertake at Wolfestone is human-delivered and supported by our very best translation technology tools.

What technology do we use?

At Wolfestone Group, we use a state-of-the-art translation management system to ensure that our customers receive a high-quality service, with huge potential to make real savings on their projects.

Our bespoke system, in collaboration with our expert project managers, directs all aspects of the process, from proving quotes through to project management.

In addition to this system, we also use CAT (Computer-Aided Translation).

Our CAT tools are web-based and accessible from any browser, anywhere in the world. This means all linguists involved in a project can work simultaneously, allowing us to take advantage of the best linguistic talent globally and leverage international time zones to accelerate project turnaround times.

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Wolfestone understands our brand and knows what we want. They are able to pair us with qualified linguists with specific knowledge and expertise in our industry.

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The Benefits of our Management System:

  • Cloud-based platform: Connects customers’ projects with the most suitable resources from any location, anywhere in the world.
  • Cost-savings: Our integrated system manages and speeds up all processes, from generating quotes to vendor management to invoicing. This means we save on costs, which we can pass directly to the client.
  • Quick turnaround: The system’s production modules use two types of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, as well as sophisticated AI Translation engines, which allow multiple linguists to work on the same file at the same time.

The Benefits of Computer-Aided Translation:

  • Easy access: Single, an online platform with easy access from any browser.
  • Cost savings: Our enhanced content and contextual matching features can lead to significant cost savings for those clients over time. Translate a phrase once and it’s in a customised memory bank for future use.
  • Time-saving: This type of real-time cooperation between human translators and CAT tools allows translators to deliver a project on average 3x faster. This can increase to over 8x faster once the client has built up a bank of translated keywords and phrases.
  • Consistency: Projects can be translated, reviewed, and quality-checked simultaneously during the project life cycle, boosting consistency.
  • Adaptation: Our adaptive AI system will learn in real-time and adjust to clients' specific terminology and language styles.
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What is Translation Memory? (TM)

Using TM can dramatically improve the consistency, turnaround time, and medium to long-term cost savings of your project.

In short, it stores your source text (in the original language) and its corresponding target text (the ‘translated’ text). When starting a new project, any previously or similarly translated content is returned by the Translation Memory as a ‘match’.

What are the Benefits?

  • Consistency. Every client will have their preferred style and sector-specific terminology. TM, therefore, guarantees consistency for future projects or when multiple translators are working across a single project.
  • It is additionally supported by special tools built into our CAT tools allowing us to add specific terminology and glossaries to the client’s profile to make sure every specific terminology is used consistently in all projects. Clients who don’t have their terminology already prepared can also benefit from this, as our CAT tools allow us to automatically extract special terms and once the final list has been agreed upon with customers, we will apply it to all future projects.
  • Time-saving. The more often you use our CAT tools, the more accurate and personalised your TM will be. This means your projects can be delivered more quickly, which is particularly important for urgent projects.
  • Cost-saving. TM saves money for clients who regularly use our services by reducing the amount of ‘new’ work required. Translate a phrase once and it is in our TM for your exclusive reuse in the future. In fact, every additional project can attract savings of 30%+.
  • Alignment. Some clients might be afraid to change providers as they would lose their existing TMs. Our CAT tools can help with this as well. Clients moving over from another provider can bring their TMs (if their terms allow them to do so) and we can import these TMs into our CAT tools so nothing’s lost. You can also provide us with previously-translated documents (source and target pairs) and we can align them, creating new TMs from existing translations.

Learn more about CAT tools with our guide

Data security FAQs

With great technology comes great responsibility.

When choosing your language services provider, you should look for guaranteed data security and confidentiality, as well as total transparency about internal data protection processes.

With over 15 years of expertise and multiple independently-verified ISO certifications, Wolfestone guarantees you the highest possible level of security for your documents. Below are some answers to frequently asked security and confidentiality questions.


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