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Proofreading Services

Wolfestone’s professional proofreading services can ensure your translated communications are clear and concise, in multiple languages.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the act of reviewing written communication and highlighting any errors, including spelling mistakes, poor grammar, inconsistent tenses and inaccurate punctuation. In contrast to editing, proofreading only involves examining the formal features of any given text.

In the case of proofreading translation, linguistic experts specialised in desired industries will analyse multilingual texts to ensure they are grammatically concise and technically accurate to their original source.

From translated documents and business-critical files to international marketing collateral, mistakes in multilingual communications can have a detrimental impact on global success and reach.

Here at Wolfestone Group, we can provide professional proofreading services for translated documents, files and business communications.

We offer our services in multiple languages pairs; choosing only linguistics with experience and knowledge in your chosen industry, such as marketing, law, manufacturing, finance, IT and pharma.

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With Wolfestone, it is more than simply a client/provider relationship. We truly regard them as a partner, an extension of our team.

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Why Do I Need Proofreading Services?

Need to send important, business-critical documents to a potential client? Unsure about the quality of previously translated content? Or perhaps you want to reach new and exciting international markets with translated communications?

Any document that is used for wider circulation needs to be proofread and potentially edited before it is finished. This is just as true for translated text as it is for source materials.

Ultimately, international audiences, clients and partners are more likely to resonate with precise and error-free messaging in their native language.

There are several reasons why you might need translation proofreading services:

  • To ensure correct use of terminology – particularly for industry-related jargon
  • To check for type errors, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, style and grammar
  • To check correct placement of foreign text
  • To guarantee any translation is well-written and true to the original text

Here at Wolfestone, we can provide professional translation editing and proofreading services in 220+ languages for any project type and subject.

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Talk to us about the proofreading services you require.

Wolfestone: Professional Proofreading Services

Since 2006, we have been providing our translation proofreading services to both SME’s and global brands alike.

Our professional multilingual experts will make sure your translation is grammatically correct and accurate to its original source. Thanks to years of experience, our language professionals will also effectively point out any errors due to cultural or legal differences.

Our proofreading services always use experienced practitioners in your desired industry – aiming to always use translators that are also qualified lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, or any other professionals relevant to your translation, to proofread the texts produced by translators.


Tell us about your project and receive a quote within 60 minutes.

Why Choose Wolfestone as your Translation Proofreading Provider?


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Here at Wolfestone Group, we offer proofreading services in over 220 language pairs, and we will only choose multilingual professionals who have experience and knowledge in your industry to proofread your translated documents.

The industries that we have language professionals in includes law, medicine and pharmaceutical, business, IT, engineering and more.

Since 2006, we’ve been proudly offering professional translation services and outstanding customer support, working closely with our clients to understand their goals and how our services can help achieve them.