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Wolfestone Attends Local School Careers Fair

As Wolfestone's Internship programme continues to flourish, members of staff visit Penyrheol Comprehensive School for its Year 11 Careers Fair.

Wolfestone Attends Local School Careers Fair

October 12, 2017 On Thursday 5th of October, Wolfestone had the distinct pleasure of being invited by Careers Wales and Penyrheol Comprehensive to attend the school’s Year 11 Careers Fair. Attended by some of the most influential employers in the South Wales area – Swansea Council, Gower College, the Royal Air Force, NHS, to name but a few – Wolfestone were on hand to share valuable careers information for both pupils and parents eager to learn more about forging a career in the translation industry. Wolfestone's Linda and Magdalena attend Penyrheol Comprehensive School's Careers Fair.Since its inception in 2006, Wolfestone has long given its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the utmost care and attention, particularly with regards to developing careers in languages and translation. Being based in Swansea, an area predominantly populated with monolingual English speakers, learning new languages can often be an afterthought, and therefore local students and residents may not consider a career in translation as a viable option. However, Wolfestone is keen to alter this perception.

Changing Perceptions

[su_spacer size="5"] Linda Roper, Marketing Manager, represented Wolfestone at the careers fair: “What we quickly learned was many pupils didn’t consider a career in translation as they believed they needed to speak more than one language. While being a translator is a key role in the industry, myself and my colleague Magdalena were fascinated to see pupils’ reactions when we explained just how broad the roles on offer are at companies like Wolfestone.” “Once we had explained to pupils about the variety of jobs on offer at Wolfestone – marketing, project management, multimedia, etc. – we were encouraged when we saw that lightbulb moment when pupils and parents realised the opportunities that are there to be had.” Wolfestone’s attendance at Penyrheol Comprehensive’s Careers Fair was considered a fantastic success. Not only were pupils intrigued and eager to learn more about the career options available in the translation industry, but some also registered their interest in completing the week-long work experience programme with Wolfestone. Ms. Roper continues: “We found pupils to be very engaged with what Wolfestone had to offer. It was really worthwhile to take the time to speak with pupils and parents, sharing the things that make working in translation so great, and we’re very happy to see pupils showing their interest by signing up to do work experience with us.” An image taken from Penyrheol Comprehensive School's Careers Fair. Image includes stalls from Gower College and other local businesses.

Wolfestone’s Work Experience

[su_spacer size="5"] Wolfestone has an extensive history of offering experience to students both locally and internationally. The company frequently attends events held by Careers Wales, such as mock interviews and careers fairs, but has also developed a strong relationship with universities in Swansea and around the world. For years, students and graduates of all nationalities and backgrounds have flocked to Wolfestone’s city centre offices in Swansea to embark on the internship programme. Internships can range from one week to six-month internships. While, the most students and graduates come to Wolfestone seeking experience in translation, other Wolfestone departments also offer valuable mentorship in areas including Project Management, Accountancy and Sales & Marketing. One of Wolfestone’s most successful partnerships is with Swansea University’s School of Languages. The aim of the exchange is to give students experience of commuting with a real-life translation company to not only give them a valuable experience and exposure to the actual working environment of a translation company, but also to give students the opportunity to enhance their communication skills and professionalism. Wolfestone takes enormous pride in the influential and developmental impact it can have on people’s careers, and is committed to carrying out this important role for many years to come. If you or someone you know is interested in an internship with Wolfestone, click here to find out more.

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