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Wolfestone Director to Talk on Export Marketing

Wolfestone's award-winning director, Anna Bastek, is going to attend two key events this month. She will be attending On the Edge Live London on 9th May and a week later Going Global Live on the 15th - 16th May.
Going Global with Digital MarketingAnna Bastek, co-founder of Wolfestone, will be representing Wales at two key events in London this month. In January, the company co-ran an event with the CIM and West Wales Exporters Association. One of the attendees was Steve Jones from Quantum CAD, who said: “The event helped us immensely. More and more of our focus is international, and we’ll be implementing the strategies we learned. There should be more events like this to share the knowledge we have in South Wales” The talks are part of a calendar of talks Wolfestone is doing, as they look to encourage more businesses to look overseas for opportunities. “As we’ve grown, we’ve brought education to the forefront of our message. We’re on a mission to get the UK exporting, and we’re planning to bring more exciting events to Wales and the UK” The award-winning director will represent Wales as she presents on International Marketing Strategies at On the Edge Live London on 9th May. Anna will be featuring alongside speakers from Philips, Experian and EE. She follows up this event by talking at Going Global Live in London on the 15th-16th May, delivering a keynote speech designed to help entrepreneurs grow their overseas sales.

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