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Multilingual SEO Services

Wolfestone's Multilingual SEO services are perfect for companies with global ambitions, helping you achieve better rankings in your target markets.

What is multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO involves optimising a website for search beyond your native language. This increases the visibility of your website and ultimately drives more relevant traffic (potential customers) to your site. Businesses use multilingual SEO to reach new markets in different countries by optimising their websites for relevant keywords in the target language. It’s important these keywords are not simply translations of English keywords and that they take into account the nuances and intricacies of the language.


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Do you need multilingual SEO?

Any organisation that wants to build a global audience needs to consider investing in multilingual SEO services. Just as optimising your English site for Search can help you reach potential British customers, optimising your French site can help you reach French speakers searching for your product or service. It’s that simple.

Therefore, if you’re entering into a new market, it’s worth checking if multilingual SEO is suitable for you. If it is – if people in France, for example, are searching for a product/service like yours – then it’s worth investing in multilingual SEO. It means you’ll be able to reach a wider range of potential buyers through organic search and increase the traffic to your site.

Our multilingual SEO process

Whether you’re just about to create a new website in a foreign language or you have a current foreign site that’s not been optimised, Wolfestone can help. Here’s the process for our multilingual SEO service:

  1. We’ll talk to you about your business. It’s important that our multi-language SEO experts understand your business well so that they find the right keywords for your site. There’s no point optimising your site for keywords that aren’t relevant to your product or service and then delivering traffic that won’t convert! One of our experts will talk to you about your business, your offerings, and your target audience so they’ve got a clear picture of what you do. If you’ve got English keywords already, you can provide them at this stage.
  2. Conduct thorough keyword research for your website. There’s no certainty that the keywords you use for your English site will be the same for a site in another language. This is where our multilingual SEO experts come into their own. Rather than simply completing a translation, our native-speaking experts will use your English keywords as a jumping-off point to find relevant keywords in the target language, then they’ll dig deeper and conduct further keyword research to get a holistic group of keywords.
  3. We’ll run through these keywords with you. It’s important that the keywords we’ve found through our research have the correct intent for your searchers. One of our SEO experts will run through these with you to ensure they have the correct intent.
  4. We’ll translate and optimise your site. Once equipped with the keywords, our SEO translation experts can begin to update your site. Your entire website will be translated and optimised with your foreign language keywords (partially translated content can end up negatively affecting your rankings). We’ll ensure that everything from the titles, menus, down to the image alt tags have been optimised for search.

Additional multilingual SEO services

Our expert team has worked on a huge number of projects from SMEs to multinationals, there’s no project too big or too small. Along with our multilingual SEO and keyword research for websites, we also offer:

E-commerce translation services and optimisation

If you’re taking your e-commerce businesses international then we suggest considering multilingual SEO. We’ve recently noticed a big uptick in e-commerce translation and search engine optimisation as our clients expand into new markets.

We optimise and translate any aspect of e-commerce sites. This includes, but is not limited to, optimising product descriptions, customer reviews and support documentation (such as FAQs and user documents).

PPC translation services and optimisation

Effective Adwords translation services seem simple enough to achieve. But is your target audience searching for your products or services using direct translations of your keyword? Or, are the keywords entirely different in their language or culture?

Direct PPC translation can lead to the use of ineffective keywords, which results in a poor ads campaign, wasted spend, and missed opportunities. Instead, it’s worth investing in well-researched foreign keywords so you can create a PPC campaign that works. Our specialists can provide you with PPC keywords that best target your audience.

But with so many companies offering international SEO, who should you choose?

It’s vital you choose the right multilingual SEO company to work with. An agency such as Wolfestone has a meticulous approach. Our native speakers will work thoroughly through one target market at a time as we know each area has its own unique cultural nuances, keywords and search engines. It might be surprising to know, but not every country uses Google as its main search engine!

Work with an agency that stays up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. You’ll want a partner who understands SEO post-Penguin/Panda/Hummingbird updates; an agency who understands that old practices of link building and keyword stuffing are no longer acceptable. You will also need a company that understands that thematic SEO and keyword intent. Well-researched keywords are the key to SEO success.

A bad multilingual SEO agency will literally translate your meta titles, descriptions and h-tags. This is problematic because people in that country may not be searching for the literal translation, instead opting for a different keyword. Our SEO specialists are carefully selected for their attention to detail and understanding of the SEO big picture.

Why Wolfestone: Your Multilingual SEO Services Partner

A well-optimised site will bring return on investment, bringing relevant traffic and business to your website. Wolfestone has extensive experience and success with international SEO projects in almost every language and sector. Some examples include a UK bank branching into Qatar, a hotel chain expanding across Europe and Asia, and a software company looking to grow sales in France, Germany and Spain. The result for each client was increased visibility, leading to increased traffic and increased conversions.

Our top-notch experts and experience will be brought to bear on your project, giving you the best chance of cracking into your new market and seeing success online.

Our top-notch experts and experience will be brought to bear on your project, giving you the best chance of cracking into your new market and seeing success online.

What our clients have to say about working with Wolfestone

“Wolfestone has really supported us with international expansion and market penetration. Yes, we already had some degree of presence in European markets, but we believe, with Wolfestone, that response rates and penetration levels have really accelerated. This has helped to significantly shift our focus and win new business in regions such as Spain and Italy. Our focus has been on French and German for some time but we are now in the process of building out international assets and processes. Wolfestone has really helped with facilitating that project and our international expansion.”

- Isabella Muma, Marketing Content and Localisation Specialist EMEA for Zscaler