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Tiny Tickers

Wolfestone translates Tiny Tickers' lifesaving campaign materials.

This case study explores how Wolfestone's language expertise helped Tiny Tickers expand the reach of their educational campaign materials.

Tiny Tickers, a UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of congenital heart conditions in babies, utilised Wolfestone to translate crucial campaign materials for their Think HEART initiative.

Congenital heart conditions are the most common birth defect worldwide. Recognising the warning signs early is crucial for a child's prognosis. Tiny Tickers' Think H.E.A.R.T. campaign equips new parents with the knowledge to identify potential congenital heart conditions in their babies.

The organisation aspired to reach a broader audience of parents who spoke Arabic, Polish and Romanian. They needed a translation partner that could deliver accurate, culturally sensitive materials while maintaining the campaign's core message.

Our team of experienced linguists ensured the translated materials precisely conveyed the signs and symptoms of CHDs. Wolfestone transferred knowledge across languages with precise translation solutions.

In addition to translation, Wolfestone provided multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services. This ensured the translated materials maintained the same visual impact and branding as the original English campaign.

“A huge part of our decision to go ahead with Wolfestone was because of the fantastic customer service that Shazia, our account manager, has provided. I was called within minutes of my initial enquiry to discuss my requirements and options. This has been my first experience of translating materials, and I was guided throughout the entire process.”

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