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Welsh Translation Services

Wolfestone Group uses carefully vetted translators and interpreters to deliver bespoke interpretation and translation services in every dialect.

Our Welsh Translation Services

Since 2006, Wolfestone has been providing professional Welsh translation services to businesses across the UK – successfully pairing brands with experienced linguists covering vernacular from across Wales’ 22 counties.

You can feel confident knowing that our translators are continuously keeping up with the development of the language, ensuring a consistently accurate translation service for you and your organisation.

Translation does not have to be complex. With our expertise at your side, you will have seamless, accurate translation, without hassle.

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Wolfestone have provided a very professional service throughout the process, completing some very complex translation work quickly and without hassle.

Welsh Government

The Benefits of Welsh Translation

If you have plans to do business and trade in Wales, our interpretation and translation services are for you.

A 2018 report by the Welsh Language Commission revealed that some of the biggest brands, such as Santander, BT, Lidl and Marks & Spencer, have said that using Welsh has boosted their business and helped them attract new, Welsh-speaking customers. In Wales, 82% of consumers said that they are more inclined to choose a company that provides a good Welsh language service.

By utilising Wolfestone’s services, we can help you attract new customers, create new business, and establish marketing communications that appeal to a large number of Welsh speakers.

Whatever the industry, you can benefit from our translation services.

Here are just a few examples:

IT Services - Translation for apps, software, and IT industry companies.

Manufacturing – Langauge solutions designed for the manufacturing industry.

Marketing – Tailored towards marketing and advertising content.

Website - Translation and optimisation of the Welsh language version of your website.


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Wolfestone provided our organisation with highly professional translation services. We were thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the service and would definitely call upon them again.

Pobl Group

Why is Welsh Translation So Important?

Languages hold significant cultural importance, and we believe everybody should have the opportunity to access services in their language of choice.

There has historically been a lot of controversy surrounding the language. After Henry VIII’s Act of Union in 1536, the Welsh language was largely banned. The people of Wales were required to speak English to work or to get an education.

The number of speakers continued to rapidly decline over recent decades. But, after the introduction of the Welsh Language Act in 1993, the use of the language across Wales has drastically increased.

In the public sector, the Welsh language's status is now equal to English. Considering the language’s turbulent history, it is essential for businesses who are targeting Wales to offer services in Welsh.

Offering services in Welsh means more of your audience can engage. Offering poor-quality Welsh translation, or none at all could potentially exclude potential clients. Through Wolfestone's solutions, you are guaranteeing inclusion for Welsh speakers of any dialect.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 29.8% of people in Wales speak Welsh, with 62% of this group speaking it daily. Considering this, utilising English to Welsh translation services has never been so important. People can be discouraged from utilising certain services if their chosen language is not provided, so why not make your business as inclusive as possible with Wolfestone?

Some of our Trusted Clients:

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Cardiff university

A Successful Welsh Translation for Pobl Group

Based in South Wales, Pobl Group provides care and support services to over 9,000 people, helping them to live happy and independent lives.
Wolfestone provided Pobl Group with a bespoke, value-for-money service, tailored to their specific needs.

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