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RED Internal Communication

Find out more about our project with RED:

RED is an award-winning, internal communication agency based in the UK.

They help companies succeed by improving employee engagement and inspiring behavioural change.

The agency has used a range of language solutions over the years, and we have supported them in translating multiple corporate reports and brochures.

In this particular project, Wolfestone provided Japanese voiceovers and subtitling for a corporate strategy video.

We spoke to Andrew Douse, founder and director, to find out more about this project and why the agency has continued to work with us:

The case study without subtitles:


The case study with subtitles:


Can't hear or view the video? Here is the full transcription:

Leah: Tell us about yourself and RED?

Andy: I’m Andy Douse and I’m the founder director of RED, which is an award-winning internal communication agency based in Yorkshire.

We help companies of all size succeed by improving employee engagement and inspiring behavioural change. So, essentially transforming organisations from the inside out to improve brand loyalty on the bottom line.

We have been around for more than 16 years now and work for local, national and international companies like Anglian Water, Drax Group, City of York Council, and London Luton Airport. So, it’s a broad mix of industries.

Leah: What language solutions did you require?

Andy: Over the years, we’ve worked with Wolfestone to translate corporate reports and brochures. Translating into languages such as French, Italian, Polish, and German. Just recently, they’ve been helping us translate a corporate strategy animation into Japanese.

Leah: Did you face any challenges?

Andy: With the animation project, we faced a number of challenges. In particular, translating the voiceover and subtitles while making design changes to the animation itself.

Leah: How did Wolfestone help you overcome these challenges?

Andy: Wolfestone helped us overcome these challenges because they have got a team of experts who were able to edit the motion graphics as well.

They stitched the animation back together with the voiceover, putting all the subtitles into the right place, which is a really tricky job to do.

Leah: What was your experience working with Wolfestone?

Andy: I like working with Wolfestone because I feel like I’m in really safe hands.

Although we deal with a dedicated project manager, it’s like everybody we speak to understands our project and takes responsibility for it.

They also turn things around quickly, and we know it’s going to be right the first time. I think they must have amazing processes behind the scenes.

Leah: What successes did you see?

Andy: So, the animation we translated into Japanese was a brilliant success for our client.

It helped them to articulate their corporate strategy to a new team in Japan. This means our client will be back to us for more work in the future and not one of our rival suppliers. So that’s a good thing, thank you Wolfestone.

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